Revolution Digital Marketing

Welcome to Revolution Digital Marketing. We are digital marketing agency, based in Swansea, near Cardiff in South Wales.  Our company has strategically evolved to maintain pace with the industry and has rebranded from its former existence as Swansea SEO Services, where the company primariliy focussed on Search Engine Optimisation.

Our new marketing agency will continue to focus on search engine optimimsation and local search solutions, however, will expand its service provisions to include social media marketing, reputation management and additional online presence management.   

We know that our clients want action, not words and fully appreciate that bespoke solutions that are client specific are the primary method for ensuring suitable results and return on investment for our customers.

Our marketing strategies are designed to achieve measurable results… like enquiries and sales! We are sure you will find this approach refreshing.

Our team has a wealth of experience in the internet marketing industry. From dedicated marketers to search engine optmisation specialists we are easy to talk to an will be fully transparent about every aspect of your digital marketing requirements. Our experience and skills will give you the edge over your competitors.

We are all about improving your business profile and have the capablity and the passion to do so, both online and offline. With the team at your disposal we intend to make your digital life not only easy, and more importantly effective.


Good web design is alot more than just pretty pictures and colours on your site. We design must be integrated with results and usability in mind. Great looking website must be created to match the strategy and desired outcomes.


Most SEO agencies have it wrong because they focus purely on rankings. Whilst it is the primary objective to optimise the ranking of a businesses' website, this should not be at the detriment of the User Experience and User Engagement. The search engines are slowly catching up with spammy website, which have been optimised purely for rankings. We care about how many new customers we can drive to your business and the Return on Investment that can be delivered through our campaigns.


The last couple of years has seen many changes in local search engine optimisation. Search engines have been providing improved “local search” features. Google has started embedding maps for local places or local businesses.


We believe that social media, when used as part of a holistic online marketing strategy, can be an extremely successful way to amplify your message and engage core audiences. It is also becoming an increasingly important part of search engine optimisation (SEO).


Our ground-breaking online marketing methodology enables businesses to take control of their marketing budgets and deliver cost-effective results.


Your digital marketing analytics can tell you a lot about your audience, your content, your social networks and your SEO. It is essential to have the right analytics in place in order to maximise your online marketing potential.

The team will initiate a full 360 degree Digital Marketing Strategy that will be designed to maximise your business's online potential. The strategy development and implementation has been honed through years of working with a variety of business and industries for over 13 years.

We work with small local operators to larger, more sophisticated, brands and organisations in many industries, B2C to B2B, startups & national companies.

Our innovative & strategic approach, means we can deliver big results for as little cost to our clients, providing as much "bang for your buck ' as possible. This philosophy and proven track record wins us new business almost every day.


If you don't find the specific information you are looking for then please visit our former website at Swansea SEO Services, where you can find additional information about our company and services and also our alternative contact details.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Revolution Digital Marketing Team